Having installed over 1000 locations from Portland to Chicago, EYESthere prides itself on having all of our customers as referenceable.  Our customers range from small retail outlet clients with 3 cameras to large Auto Dealerships with 40+ cameras and chain locations of 40-50 and even 100+ locations. 

Here’s a sampling of comments from some of our satisfied customers:



Brian Mayer, Principal of The Phonics Phactory 

"As the principal for Phonics Factory, a local Christian school, the safety of our children is a crucial concern that I take seriously, so I decided to hire a security company to install and maintain a surveillance system. The promises and personal guarantees were impressive but the product and service were in the end an abject failure.

Then I heard a radio ad for EYESthere. After meeting with Rob at EYESthere, we were given an alternative. We decided to give EYESthere a try. Not only were they able to deliver what they had promised at the price they quoted, but EYESthere continues to stand behind every bit of their technology with an impressive level of service.

Your kids are our sacred trust. I encourage you if you have something precious to protect, to call my friend Rob over at EYESthere.  You will thank me."



Jim Whitesel,  Managing Director Dallas Trophy Nissan

"My Monday mornings always began with the same story… broken glass and vandalized vehicles.  As the managing partner of Trophy Nissan responsible for inventory, this became my weekly nightmare.  There would be anywhere from five to fifteen vehicles to reinstall glass and radios.  We hired security guards and there was still theft.  Watching the news one night I saw a report about EYEShere and its digital video security solutions.  They created a solution to eliminate our theft problem that cost less than what we were spending in a single month on theft issues.  Since installing our EYESthere security cameras we’ve had absolutely zero theft.  I even have weeks of stored video I can review with a click of the mouse.

If you have ANY need to increase security at your place of business, I encourage you to call EYESthere."


Tallie Steele, Owner Macadam's Bar and Grill  

"EYESthere was a lifesaver for my husband and me when we opened our restaurant.  They helped us utilize cameras from a previous VCR based system and give us a much more powerful and user friendly set-up without cumbersome video tapes.  They coordinated all portions of the install and were able to get our solution up and running quickly. 

We are currently running nine cameras and have the capability to add seven more.  It is so nice to be able to work in the office and still be sure the floor is running smoothly.  We have also been able to work with the police and give them footage of theft in our parking lot.  The nicest advantage of the system thus far has been the ability to actually take a day off and know that we can log on from home.

Rob was a pleasure to work with and made the system very easy for my husband and myself to understand.  It is without hesitation that I recommend EYESthere for all your security needs."



Ed Hutson, Owner Johnson Creek Rentals

“I have been operating the EYESthere video surveillance system since 2004 with no glitches to report.  I was one of those who used to rewind tapes every day and always run out of fresh ones, it took 12 tapes to capture a weeks worth of video on 2 cameras and oh boy how fun it was trying to look something up.

I now have 12 cameras and 60 days of video that I can access any moment with only a few keystrokes.  What really tops it off is I can be in Hawaii or anywhere and check out my store via the web!

Recently I had something stolen with fake ID and the only thing that was able to identify the culprit was their license plates that my lot camera videoed and a close up from the counter camera.  I then simply e-mailed the files to the police and they tracked them down!

Randy Andrews, my salesman, was easy to work with and was able to deal with all the technical problems I had over a broad range including phones, computers, surveillance and wiring.  For example he helped me run a cable 600 feet to my location across the street that enabled me to keep everything on one computer network.  This system and company I would highly recommend please do not hesitate to call me for a reference.”


Bob Shore, Owner Bob Shore 76 

"EYESthere Team, Randy has been unbelievable to work with.  When I first got my system I had some difficulty logging on from home.  I called him on a Friday evening and he walked me through the procedure.  I wish all of my vendors were so accommodating. 

By far the best benefit to having a DVR is accessibility to questionable events. If an incident occurs, I can very quickly go to the camera and the time it took place. It is very different than fast forwarding through choppy VHS tapes. I can easily record the event to a CD and play it on any other computer. 

Shortly after we reopened with a convenience store 6 years ago, there was a question about whether we sold alcohol to an intoxicated customer.  The witness stated that the customer was staggering while my employee said that he was not.  It went to court and I had to haul the VCR, the multiplexor, and the monitor into the court room, and the playback was choppy and inconclusive.  If I had the EYESthere digital system back then, I could have just burned it to a CD and taken that in.  It would have also proved our point right away and saved a lot of money for missed work time and attorney fees. 

Another benefit is being able to view my station at any time from a remote location.  I can log on from my home computer and make sure that my business is running and that my employees are at work, in uniform, and waiting on customers.

 I can’t imagine being without my system.  It has become quite a tool.  I am also pleased that I opted for color cameras for my Pump Island and store.  It makes it easier to identify clothes colors and the color of vehicles getting gas which helps in solving disputes between customers and employees." 


Susan Herzog, Field Development Manager

"As the Field Development Manager for a 20 plus store Lottery Retailer chain, I needed a way to be everywhere at once. After Randy Andrews installed cameras in each of our locations, I had a way to be everywhere at once. 

Initially we were only interested in monitoring the cash and being able to provide the police footage in case of a robbery, but after having the cameras for a while, we discovered other uses. We were able to see at a glance if our employees were following procedures, which was very helpful when it came time for performance evaluations. We were also able to effectively measure the productivity of our employees and able to cut down on labor costs, often the most controllable expense in any business. 

The cameras were also able to stop a potentially devastating fraudulent workman’s comp claim and several slip and fall claims. The money saved on these claims was enough to pay for the systems several times over, but more importantly, it gave me the time to be able to relax. I knew that even if I got a call in the middle of the night, I could check on the store from the comfort of my own home. The ability to be able to dial in to any of our stores was invaluable to me, because I was finally able to relax on my off time instead of worrying about what was going on at work."


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