About Us

EYESthere is a high quality provider of made-to-order solutions in the digital video and software security industry.  Its mission is "to protect and empower” customers with live and recorded digital video security solutions.

What makes EYESthere different is the true usability of its solutions that result in entire days of recordings reviewable in minutes, 24/7 live video viewable from any web browser or supported PDA, full service installs that can be completed in days, along with our 30 and 90 day EYESthere tuning site visits.  The end result is solutions you use constantly that help protect and empower a business.

EYESthere is rapidly expanding with locally owned locations throughout the United States.  We are thrilled with the top talent that has joined us as new EYESthere owners.  We are presently working in Portland, Dallas, Chicago and Arlington, TX.

EYESthere will continue to implement its proven business model providing comprehensive and high-quality digital video surveillance solutions primarily to businesses. 

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