"EYESthere, to Protect and Empower"

With over 1000 installed locations, Digital Video Security is 100% of what we do!

  • EYESthere is 100% focused on custom HD cameras and Network Video Security products. 
  • We will help you utilize video surveillance to protect your property and run your business more efficiently.

  • Full service installs completed in days
    • Worry free installs assure you get value quickly
    • EYESthere takes care of site survey, solution design, custom build, cabling, DVR/Camera installs, CCTV configuration, validation, training and tuning
  • Entire days of recordings reviewable in minutes 
    • Only records motion on each camera
    • Point and click review at high speed
    • “A picture is worth a thousands words” and video is worth a million!
  • Remote 24/7 live video
    • Have EYESthere accessible at all times from any internet enabled web browser or supported PDA
    • Simple, secure and effective viewing tools
    • Communicate live with employees, vendors, and customers
  • 30 & 90 day EYESthere tuning visits
    • Eliminate unimportant recording to maximize days saved, improve efficiency in reviews, and increases likelihood of finding key events!
    • Results in a true “monitoring effect” without the cost by finding improper or unproductive activity without hours of review time

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  • Highest-Quality in each component
    • We focus on high quality parts and components to minimize customer downtime and increase customer satisfaction. 
    • We’ve tested hundreds of different security cameras, DVR components, video surveillance equipment and surveillance camera software and only select long-lasting high quality solutions for your computer security system.
    • More extensible (integration with Point-of-Sales Systems, Alarm Systems, Monitoring Systems, etc.) and more expandable (new cameras, days storage, etc.) for your surveillance system.
    • We use the most advanced digital video compression technologies to give you the highest picture quality and video performance (US patented and industry award winning DVR components - 10-awards since 2001).
    • User Interface on desktop, internet, and PDA is the top in the market for your security camera system (e.g. keyboard is not necessary for 95% of the functions and new features and functionality are added quarterly).


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